On Tour With Lincoln Brewster!

Hey Everyone, so the Bible speaks about a verse that say’s “Be ready in season and out”..well one of those moments happened for me when I received a phone call a few weeks ago.  Phone call went like this.. “Hi, Josh”  Me- “Yes”.  “Hey wondering if you’d like to open for Lincoln’s Christmas tour”? Me- “Uuhhhhhh, what do you mean”?   Ok pause, you have to understand I’ve been in so many phone call situation’s as an artist that on my end sounded like the coolest dream come true, but ended with me performing next to the bouncy houses, or opening an hour before the show as people wandered in the building early to get good seats for the artist they really came to see. lol, But Not Joking. Anyways.   “Yes, open before Lincoln’s set and if everything goes well,  you can come out for the last 3 road shows”.  Me-  “Uuuhhh, let me double check with my Wife, but Yes”. ha!

Well everything went well, at least enough to have me back on the road next Monday for a week Dec.9th-15th.  Gotta tell you this an exciting moment for me, not only because of the amazing crowds, lights, and opening for a guy like Lincoln. More than that the power of prayer is amazing! 3 days before i was doing some serious soul searching and asking God to speak, slap, kick, show me something anything through the struggle of doing my music independently, its just a tough road and journey.   Opportunities don’t just happen, i take my conversation’s with God very serious and when it’s in His hands there is no greater sense of confidence and strength He gives us.  On that note just humbled to be apart of the “Joy to the World” tour, and excited for 2014!!

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