courage worldwide

Courage World Wide is an organization that rescues and restores young teens, specifically young girls who are sold for sex.  This issue and epidemic is running ramped in America, our streets, and across the Globe.

Current statistics estimate that there are an estimated 27 million human trafficking victims worldwide at any time. There are approximately 4.5 million sex trafficking victims around the world; 98% of those victims are women and girls. Trafficking is a $32 billion dollar a year industry.  Those figures are astounding, especially to a suburban raised kid and now father like me.

Despite these horrific statistics and unimaginable crimes to these young girls, i believe we can make a difference and an impact and not go about life as usual.  Dusting such a problem like this under the carpet will only lead to society and the church to close they’re eyes and ears to such a need.

I have joined “Courage World Wide” as an artist but more than that as man who wants to see purity and the true love of God bring redemption to these girls and to this world.  Please stay connected, pray for these girls daily, pray for the johns and pray for the pimps that God would reveal Himself.  Check out the Courage website (  to donate and support in some amazing ways. Lets stay connected and passionate about this, thanks so much, Much Love!


Meet Jenny Williamson CEO/Founder – Courage World Wide Announcement